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Trust News

News of Trust events, away coach travel and other information will be posted here, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter page @SloughTownST.  Check back regularly on any of our pages for the latest news and any updates.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 26 2017 10:19AM

We're very pleased to announce that following a request made to the Trust board, we will be providing some funding for the new STFC girls team. Promoting football and the Club in the community is a key aim of the Trust and the board were more than happy to agree to the request to provide £400 to help fund a coach through the summer until funding arrives for the new season. The Trust will also have it's name on the new kit which will be provided next season.

We share the Club's aim to produce as many teams as possible under the name of STFC and hope that the girls football team goes on to grow the game in Slough.

Club secretary Kay Lathey provided the following statement:

"The club,and the FA Skills Team have in partnership been running a six week programme of coaching for Primary school aged girls at Arbour Park on a Saturday morning.

The purpose of this is to get girls playing and ultimately to establish one or more teams at Slough Town.

The block of six weeks is approaching the end and in order to maintain these sessions and build the numbers to enable the establishment of the team for next season, The Supporters Trust have made a contribution to the costs. The sessions will now be able to continue to run through to the summer.

Each week between 12-20 girls from across the town aged 7-11 have been receiving coaching and playing matches. The club is now seeking a coach, preferably female to take over the training and to manage a team in the new season.

We are really grateful to the Trust for this donation as it will enable us to introduce our first girl's team to the club which has been high on our agenda for some time."

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 23 2017 08:56AM

Following a Trust board meeting last night (Wednesday) it was decided that the Trust would make a donation to the Mark Scott fundraiser.

After £894 was collected in Trust-organised bucket collections at Arbour Park on Saturday, the board decided to top up the donations from supporters from that total to £1500.

This will push the total over £8000. The response from fans has been amazing not just from supporters of STFC but other clubs aswell.

We wish Mark all the best for his recovery and we were very pleased to see him at the game on Saturday.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 21 2017 06:25PM

Representitives of the Trust visited Wexham Park Hospital today to meet with staff and visit the day room at the centre of the reminiscent room project that the Sponsored Walk is raising money for.

The visit was designed to interview staff for a promotional video that is coming soon. Board members Alan Harding, Dan Brench, Ollie Hayward and Gary House, along with member and cameraman Mike Pearcy, met with staff from the ward, the fundraising managers and the communications team to discuss the project.

The reminiscent room redevelopment has already begun, with the room already having a new floor and painted walls thanks to money already raised. Money raised from the walk will be used to help decorate and furnish the room in future with suitable 1950s furnishings and memory boxes to be added to the room.

We'd like to thank all the staff for their time, particularly those who agreed to be interviewed. The Trust promotional video will be released soon, while the hospital will also be releasing a press release about the walk and the visit soon as well.

We've moved all of our walk information to a new Sponsored Walk page which is accessed from the main menu at the top of the page. We're hoping that this can be the centre of information for the walk and in time will also include some of the walk history as well. You can sign up for the walk by speaking to us at a home game or dropping us an email.

Photos from Gary House can be seen by clicking here.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 20 2017 07:57PM

Following the bucket collection organised by the Trust at the home match against Cinderford Town, we can announce that supporters at the match raised £894, which will be added to the £6,770 that is currently on the Crowdfunder page for Mark Scott.

Thank you to all those who gave so generously. Arbour Park has seen supporters raise nearly £3600 in fundraising efforts this season, for Prostate Cancer UK, Princess Alice Hospice, Jamie Mines, London Frame football and the St Joseph's Mission to Thailand, as well as Mark Scott.

The Trust will be making a donation to the fund as well, which will be announced following the board meeting on Wednesday.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 17 2017 08:57AM

We can announce that, following some research and walking by Trust board member Ollie Hayward, we can confirm the full route for this year's Sponsored Walk. The route can be found by going to our Events page and clicking on the picture of the map.

We'd like to thank Ollie for giving up his time to look into the best route from Heatherwood to Wexham Park Hospital via Windsor, and then on to Arbour Park.

The walk is raising money for the Trust and for a project at Wexham Park Hospital to refurbish one of their day rooms into a 1950s style 'reminiscent room'. Representitives of the Trust will be visiting the ward at Wexham Park Hospital on Tuesday 21st March to interview staff for the promotional video that will be released soon after, so keep an eye out for that.

If you cannot get to Ascot, please speak to our board members about the taxi option that is being provided from St Joseph's School on the morning of the walk. We would like to thank St Joseph's for the use of their car park.

Full details of the walk can be found on our Events page.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Mar 1 2017 09:38PM

Following the closure of the membership for the 2016-17 season on March 1st, we are pleased to say that the Trust membership reached 145. This is an increase of 26 on last season.

The Trust has continued to grow over the last 5 years:

2011-12: 59

2012-13: 68

2013-14: 74

2014-15: 106

2015-16: 119

2016-17: 145

Many thanks to those who joined this year and we are hoping for another year of growth next year. Membership will open for the 2017-18 season around the start of pre-season.

Meanwhile, the Trust will continue to run it's community activities and events alongside the supporters coaches. The recruitment for the Sponsored Walk is well underway - see our Events page for all the information - and the end of season award night is also being planned with details to be announced.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Feb 26 2017 08:47PM

We wish to inform all supporters that for the remainder of the 2016-17 season, the Trust's supporters coaches will depart from St Joseph's School on Shaggy Calf Lane. This is due to Wexham Park Hospital using the car park at Wexham Park stadium which has been the coach departure point for many years. There is still suitable car parking spaces for supporters to use.

Please can all supporters ensure that anyone who gets the coach knows of this change of departure point. Our thanks go to St Joseph's School for allowing us to use their car park.

By Slough Town Supporters Trust, Feb 23 2017 01:47PM

It's that time of year again. We're very happy to announce the details for this year's Sponsored Walk!

Following the success of last year's Historical walk, the Trust board decided that a similarly local walk was needed to mark the end of the homecoming season and to encourage as many walkers as possible. It has therefore been decided that the walk will take place ahead of the final home match against Redditch on Saturday 22nd April. Funds raised will be split between a charity and the Trust.

As is traditional the Trust looks to provide a local charity with a share of the funds from the walk, and this year we have been in discussions with Wexham Park Hospital (the Frimley Health Charity). Following these discussions we have agreed that the charity share of the walk fund will go towards creating a 'reminiscent room' in one of the hospital's elderly care wards.

The idea behind a reminiscent room is to decorate the room like a 1950s home. The aim of this is to help dementia patients to feel more comfortable and as a result they can start to engage more with medical staff and relatives. There is also some reduction in the amount of medication that they require as well. The room also makes the area look considerably less 'clinical' and more homely. The hospital has already raised around £1000 towards the project, and as a Trust we are hoping to boost their funding.

More than 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia and supporting units like this is a crucial part of helping to support the staff, patients and relatives affected.

The walk route this year will join two parts of the Frimley Health Trust, by walking between Heatherwood Hospital and Wexham Park Hospital (via Windsor Great Park) and then on to Arbour Park. This route was picked to ensure that it stays local while also being of a long enough distance to be a bit challenging!

We will be offering the full route (approximately 15 miles) starting at 7.45am (arriving no later than 7.30 please) and a short route starting from Windsor Castle (approximately 6miles starting with the main group at around 11am) for those who do not feel they can manage the whole walk but would like to still take part.

The walk is open to anyone, you don't need to be a Trust member or even a fan of STFC to take part, the important thing is that we raise as much money as possible with as many walkers as possible to make this a truly community event. All walkers will be allowed into the match for free that afternoon thanks to the Club where further collections will be made.

Sponsor forms are going to be available on home matchdays by the turnstiles and soon via our website. There will also soon be an online PayPal donate button coming to our website soon. All of the above information is on our Events page.

Our thanks go to the staff at Wexham Park for their assistance in the planning and execution of the walk and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible walking on the 22nd of April.